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Children learn nouns from objects and verbs from actions. But they can only grasp the meaning of emotive vocabularies from adults teaching them in daily lives. Below are some of the emotive vocabularies of human beings: 

ABC Peace Words

A– Assist
B– Bless
C– Cooperate
D– Dream
E– Encourage
F– Forgive
G– Generous
H– Harmonize
I– Improve
J– Join
K– Kindness
L– Love
M– Meaningful
N– Nice
O– Open
P– Peace
Q– Quiet
R– Respect
S– Silent
T– Trust
U– Understanding
V– Visible
W– Warm
X– eXcel
Y– Young
Z– Zeal


ABC Feelings

A – Accepted
B – Brave
C – Confused
D – Disappointed
E – Excited
F – Friendly
G – Generous
H – Helpful
I – Important
J – Jealous
K – Kindhearted
L – Loving
M – Mad
N – Naughty
O – OK
P – Peaceful
Q – Quizzical
R – Responsible
S – Sad
T – Thankful
U – Unique
V – Victorious
W – Worried
X – eXhaused
Y – Yucky
Z - Zippy






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