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Internal Needs

Internal Needs

For children to enter the society she must learn certain relation concepts. These relation concepts include practical life and learning. These concepts are the basis for children to manage everything; if there is no interaction, there is no relationship established. Relation concepts can help children to understand and explain the relations among things; comprehend and put learned knowledge into use. In general, concepts and relations are nature law, practical natural phenomenon and the society and nature that are created and generalized by people.


Besides, if we know more about infant's internal needs, understand the rationale behind their actions, the importance of “self-discovery“ and growing from fantasy to real life, we can accept their actions with intolerance and more open mind. And we can guide them accordingly.

Child’s behaviour


Infant’s internal needs

For the best development of a newborn, the most important thing is to understand her needs and offer completely. Basically, a newborn has 5 inner desires as listed below.


Maternal care and pet

Mother is the caring source of a newborn. Although the newborn became independent of the mother once the cord was cut at birth, the link is built again due to breastfeeding. The communications during breastfeed, such as mother’s touch, gentle whisper, are the foundation of future interpersonal relationship.

Match newborn’s life rhythm

We should first follow a newborn’s life rhythm. Let him/her eat when he/she feels hungry; let him/her sleep when he/she wishes to; Let he/her develop himself/herself fully. The child will adjust his/her living rhythm to meet the adult’s life as his/her brain develops.

The importance of “Free Discovery”

Only thinking generated from “solitude” and “freedom” can bring   “discovery” and “invention”. Only free actions and liberate mindsets allow ones to “discover” knowledge. And only the excitement generated through discovery or satisfaction arouse the passion to go through a self-learning process. Since this gives human beings (not only children) a taste of “discovery”, his “self-educating” system is ignited. This causes unstoppable passion in self-learning. 


Therefore, giving children the opportunities to “discover” on their own is very important. Once a child has experienced the excitement of “discovery”, he/she will have interests in everything around him/her. Hence, motivation and passion to learn appear. In short, the core of education is offering a prepared environment for children.

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