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Never Beat Children

Say no to physical punishment

It is often the case that the abused becomes the abuser. Parents, who were physically punished, repeat this act naturally as if a reflex action when it comes to teaching their own children. As a matter of fact, physical punishment is an act of abreaction. It is an uncivilized and inhumane behavior that even animals do not take out on their offspring. 

The more a child is beaten, the stronger his/her self - defense mechanisms. Since they cannot feel warmth, security and love, they live in constant fear. Under suppression like such, children will soon resent their parents, thereby becoming quarrelsome, untrustworthy and rebellious. 

Children are not tools and they have own thoughts and feelings. We must not tame them through hitting.

Questionnaire on corporal punishment

Q1 Have you ever beaten a child ? Why? Did you understand what the child was thinking and why he/she behaved like that?

Q2 Did your parents take it out on you when you were small? If so, how did u feel then?

Q3 When you were small, did you feel the love of parents so much that you know they were not angry with you despite hitting you? 

If the answer is positive, how did you feel then? 

If the answer is negative, do you believe in “hitting equals loving”? Why or why not?

Q4 Describe a recent situation of you hitting a kid. What is the child’s name and age? What did he/she do?

Q5. Did you hit for the sake of“abreaction” or “discipline”? How did you control your anger?

Q6  Why did you think physical punishment is the best way to correct children’s misbehavior?

Q7  Did the child think he/she was wrong?

Q8. What did you tell your child to show your deep love to him/her? 

Q9. At that time did you feel the child felt sad or regret for what he/she did? 

Q10. Recently, does your child challenge your authority or disobey you publicly? Do you wish to stop this disobedience?

Q11  Recently, does your child oppose your authority or disobey you publicly? Do you wish to stop this disobedience?

Q12  Do you know “physical punishment” is a criminal offense according to the Child Protection Law in certain countries?

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